Archsword of Laban

Archsword rank:

Known throughout the history as: Sword of Laban

Archsword Possessor(s): Laban, Nephi

Sword of Laban, after nearly being killed by a powerful and nefarious Laban, the young prophet Nephi later finds him drunk and unconscious. He’s then commanded of God to use Labans sword to kill him as he was wicked and would hurt future generations by withholding sacred records revealing God’s Plan of Happiness. The sword was made of “precious steel” with a hilt of “pure gold”. After slaying Laban, Nephi put on Laban’s armor to disguise himself to obtain the records, and escape the city. He would later use it as a model for manufacturing similar weapons for his people’s defense. Laban’s sword was passed down through the centuries to future prophets, kings, and warriors.

One of the 111 Archswords of the Sword Temple

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