Rods and staffs: Gríðarvölr – a magical staff given to Thor by Gríðr so he could kill the giant Geirröd (Norse mythology)

In Norse mythology, the Gríðarvǫlr (Gridharvolur) is the magic rod that Giant Gríðr (who was also the mother of the god Viðarr: Hon var móðir Viðars hins þǫgla ‘was the mother of Viðarr the taciturn’ say Skáldskaparmál of Snorri that the father was the same Odín), left lending to the god Thor warning to him of the evil intentions of jotun Geirröd to assassinate to him; he had forgiven Loki in return for the latter to convince Thor to go to the citadel of Geirröd, the Geirrøðargarðar without their three precious attributes: the hammer Mjölnir, the gloves Járngreipr and the belt of force Megingjörð. On the way to the Geirrøðargarðar, Thor spent the night in Gríðr’s house; in exchange for that night, she helped him advising him the following morning about Geirröd and lending him three possessions that supplied all three of Thor and that he did not carry with him. These items helped Thor to defeat Jotun Geirröd and his family.

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