Spears from Chinese mythology: Spear of Fuchai – the spear used by Goujian's arch-rival King Fuchai of Wu

The Spear of Fuchai (Chinese: 吳王夫差矛) is the spear of King Fuchai of Wu, the arch-rival of King Goujian of Yue. It was unearthed in Jiangling, Hubei in November 1983. The script on it is a kind of script used only in the states of Wu, Yue, and Chu called the bird-worm seal script, a variant of seal script. The inscription mirrors the text of King Goujian’s Sword, except changing the name of the owner and the type of weapon. In this case, the text reads, “吴王夫差自作用矛” or “King Fuchai of Wu made for his personal use, this spear.”

This artifact is a part of SwordTemple Library

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