Yawarakai-Te Tender Hands Archsword

Archsword rank:

Known throughout the history as: Yawarakai-Te, Tender Hands

Archsword Possessor(s): Masamune 

Yawarakai-Te (Tender Hands), crafted by Masamune – in a contest, Masamune Okazaki lowered his sword into the current and waited patiently. Only leaves were cut. However, the fish swam right up to it, and the air hissed as it gently blew by the blade. A monk who had been watching explained what he had seen; the Masamune was by far the finer of the two swords, as it did not needlessly cut that which is innocent and undeserving.

One of the 111 Archswords of the Sword Temple

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